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For over 40 years, Ferguson Construction has worked with some of the leading retail firms throughout the Pacific Northwest.  From small ground up stores, to large big box clients, we have the experience and understand how important it is to meet your schedule!



Ferguson Construction is the leader in new warehouse construction and renovations. Whether the need is a new building, retooling for a new product line, or renovating to improve efficiencies, Ferguson Construction is the right choice.



When it comes to constructing a new office or remodeling an existing building, we work closely with the owners and developers to maximize every construction dollar.  We also work with the design team to make sure every project we are involved in is delivered on time, in budget, and exceeds your expectations.



We have the experience in all aspects of new hotel construction and hotel renovation, including initial site planning and conceptual budgeting.  From the comprehensive development of new hotel projects to coordination with property managers to minimize disruption of hotel operations, our team of professionals will ensure that the job runs smoothly from beginning to end.  Our experience includes working with a national chain building hotels throughout the Pacific Northwest.  In addition, we have built and renovated Senior Housing Centers throughout the greater Seattle area.



What sets Ferguson Construction apart from others is our variety of experience in different market segments.  We have a talented and experienced team that likes to think outside the “Big Box”. Some of our expertise includes large scale parking garages, airplane hangars, fuel facilities, water reservoirs, community centers, assisted living facilities, and sports stadiums.






We provide tenant improvement services for a variety of businesses, industries, and institutions, including retail stores, offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, and schools.  We are very experienced in working in occupied space with minimal disruptions to your business during construction.  We are great planners.  We strive to be as efficient as possible to eliminate those headaches construction can have on your business in operation.

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